The Role of a Therapist in a Child Custody Case


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Jorge Galindo

A reserve deputy for Orange County, Dr. Jorge Galindo also dedicates time to his private practice in Irvine, where he and his wife treat families and adolescents. A licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Jorge Galindo handles child custody cases referred to him by the court.

When going through divorce proceedings, parents should be prepared to work with a child custody evaluator and forensics expert. Ideally, child custody evaluators should be well versed in treating children and adolescents and have experience assessing family dynamics, personalities, mental illnesses, and parenting skills. The latter is of the utmost importance to ensure their statement given during proceedings results in a minor living and growing in an environment conducive to a positive future.

The chosen therapist interviews applicable individuals regarding life history. He or she may request documents that support an interviewee’s responses. For example, documentation illustrating a parent’s disciplinary approach can be helpful in forming testimony regarding child rearing. A therapist will also evaluate academic achievement, perform personality tests, and conduct psychological testing, ranging from cognitive functioning examinations to projective personality assessments.


Determining Child Custody in California

Dr. Jorge Galindo has operated a private marriage, family, and child therapy practice with his wife, Dr. Miriam Galindo, in Irvine, California, for nearly 15 years. During this time, Dr. Jorge Galindo has become experienced in assisting individuals involved in child custody disputes and juvenile cases.

In the state of California, child custody disputes are ruled in favor of the parent who can serve the best interests of the child or children involved. The criteria for determining a child’s best interests range from the concrete to the somewhat subjective. For example, the employment status of both parents is taken into account, as are any relevant medical issues.

However, it is equally important for a court to determine whether or not a child has a strong emotional connection to one parent as compared to another. The court may also request an evaluation of each parent’s history of violence and substance abuse, as well as the histories of their respective family members. In most cases, California courts will seek to construct a custody arrangement that closely resembles the schedule that was in place prior to litigation.

When is Child Custody Dispute Counseling Necessary?

Dr. Jorge Galindo, MFT, is a court-appointed counselor for child custody dispute cases. A licensed or trained mediator or counselor like Dr. Jorge Galindo, who is a marriage, family and child therapist, provides counseling to parents by facilitating discussion on how the child’s needs and expenses should be met.

Mandatory child custody mediation is a part of the process of family dispute resolution that occurs when there is no out-of-court settlement. Child custody dispute counseling is a part of the legal process of dissolution of marriage when both parents cannot agree on the division of parental responsibilities and the role they will each play in the child’s life. All parents and step-parents are required to participate in mediation, which aims to reduce hostility between the disputing parties and ensure that continuing contact between parents remains consistent with the child’s needs. In the case of older children and teenagers, the child’s wishes are also taken into consideration when reaching a decision.