How Families Can Benefit from Family Therapy Services

Licensed family therapist Dr. Jorge Galindo serves California families who have been referred by the Juvenile/Criminal and Family Courts. He and his wife Miriam Galindo serve children, teens, and families at their private family practice in Irvine, CA. Dr. Jorge Galindo is also a reserve deputy sheriff for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Communication problems, drug addiction, mental illness, or the death of a family member are issues that many families confront at one time or another. Family therapy can assist families facing these issues and more.

Family therapists provide counseling services in a safe and controlled setting. They facilitate productive communication between family members, helping them develop strong communication skills and build trust.

By addressing issues within a clear framework, family therapists provide the guidance needed for many families to create and maintain healthy relationships. Since common personal issues such as addiction and mental illness are often connected to family-related issues, the benefits of effective therapy in these cases can extend to every aspect of an individual’s life.

Fundamentally, family therapy helps families become stronger by addressing the complex and diverse challenges of modern family life with honesty, kindness, and love.