When is Child Custody Dispute Counseling Necessary?

Dr. Jorge Galindo, MFT, is a court-appointed counselor for child custody dispute cases. A licensed or trained mediator or counselor like Dr. Jorge Galindo, who is a marriage, family and child therapist, provides counseling to parents by facilitating discussion on how the child’s needs and expenses should be met.

Mandatory child custody mediation is a part of the process of family dispute resolution that occurs when there is no out-of-court settlement. Child custody dispute counseling is a part of the legal process of dissolution of marriage when both parents cannot agree on the division of parental responsibilities and the role they will each play in the child’s life. All parents and step-parents are required to participate in mediation, which aims to reduce hostility between the disputing parties and ensure that continuing contact between parents remains consistent with the child’s needs. In the case of older children and teenagers, the child’s wishes are also taken into consideration when reaching a decision.


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