About the Orange County Reserve Deputy Sherriff’s Program

An accomplished mental health counselor, Jorge Galindo treats adolescents, families, and couples. Jorge Galindo also stands out as a sworn reserve deputy sheriff in Orange County, California.

Through the Reserve Division of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, volunteers from the community train and serve to keep it safe. Sworn reserve deputy sheriffs perform a wide variety of functions, from investigation to patrol and surveillance, most of which are the same duties fulfilled by full-time deputies. All participants in the program receive professional training and are considered official law enforcement personnel.

To become a sworn reserve deputy sheriff, a volunteer must be a U.S. citizen at least 20 years old and undergo an interview and a full background check, as well as pass a written examination and a test of physical condition. The written exam tests communications skills as well as law enforcement knowledge, while the physical test assesses agility, strength, and endurance. Once the candidate has passed both tests, he or she completes Level 3 Reserve Academy Training before being assigned to any official duties.