Therapy for Anger Management

Therapist Jorge Galindo works with children, teens, and adults to help them overcome difficulties. Among Jorge Galindo’s many areas of expertise are handling court-referred cases stemming from anger problems.

Anger problems lead to a variety of harmful situations, including cases of domestic violence. The treatment of individuals who have anger problems is complex, but often involves looking at what triggers violence and then developing new approaches to help in handling these triggers.

Changing deeply ingrained patterns of violence is difficult. Therapy to help these individuals might focus on building awareness of their emotions and thoughts when something triggers feelings of anger and the urge to lash out at others. Therapy often also focuses on helping individuals see the errors in their thought patterns. Once individuals begin to acknowledge that their way of thinking is negative or inaccurate, they can then begin to develop healthier thought patterns.

Successful therapy has a variety of benefits. In particular, it helps individuals cope with challenging situations in a non-destructive manner. Over time, the skills learned in therapy can help with rebuilding relationships and handling new challenges that come along.