Health & Human Services Group Offers Various Training Programs

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Health and Human Services Group

For more than 15 years, Dr. Jorge Galindo, a licensed marriage and family therapist, has managed Galindo and Associates Inc. alongside his wife, Miriam Galindo, Psy.D., in Irvine, California. Prior to opening a private practice, Dr. Jorge Galindo served as an administrative clinician for the Health & Human Services Group (HHSG).

HHSG is a psychological consulting company offering Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to law enforcement and the business community. One of its primary services is multimedia training courses, which provide employees with productive strategies for dealing with professional and personal conflicts, such as stress, transition, and workplace socialization.

All HHSG training programs are conducted by licensed mental health professionals. In addition, HHSG training programs are particularly flexible, catering to both small and large companies while covering a diverse number of health and wellness subjects. Every year, HHSG delivers approximately 5,000 training hours to thousands of employees across the nation.

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