Diversion Program Eligibility and the Counseling Component

Jorge Galindo pic

Jorge Galindo
Image: galindopsychology.com

Licensed to practice in California, Dr. Jorge Galindo is experienced in therapy related to forensics. Having worked with the law enforcement community, Jorge Galindo is knowledgeable of diversion treatments used to rehabilitate offenders of domestic violence.

Depending on the state, diversion programs may be available to people who are first-time offenders of minor offenses, such as petty theft, driving under the influence, and personal possession of specific drugs without intent to sell. The same leniency, at times, may be extended to domestic violence offenders. Admission of guilt may or may not be necessary to participate in diversion treatment.

The program gives offenders the option to enter counseling early in their proceedings. They pay fees to the court or treatment facility. In some cases, fees apply to both and can exceed fines. Programs span six months to more than a year, during which time treatment and behavior modification techniques are employed by professionals to rectify the underlying cause of the issue. The latter employs positive and negative reinforcement to replace troubling behaviors with those deemed more desirable and acceptable. Counseling on an individual basis or in a group setting is typical.


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